HPT & Partners

HPT and its partners SLF GmbH, BMR GmbH and W & H Dental specialize in the offering of very high precision, high speed motor spindles for high speed milling, drilling, dressing, grinding, de-burring and test-cell applications in CNC and machine tool designs and modifications.

The HF motor spindle advantages of high speed and torque as well as exact speed control are utilized in the automation of high precision manufacturing.

CNC’s for new dental, medical, optical, prosthetics as well asi might have automotive, aerospace and many other industries rely on these precise and durable German made Motor spindles and frequency converter drive controls.

Our products are based on decades of specialized design and manufacturing experience and on the use of the latest in manufacturing and measuring technologies.

These product have been placed into demanding environments worldwide.
Our customer rely on experienced sales consultation and on responsive and reliable after-sale product support.