Our Services

HPT Customer Service as a Matter of Policy and Practice Includes:

  • Responsive Communication: Feed-back to customers throughout an ongoing inquiry or project.
  • Data Support: Specifications, Drawings, Operating Manuals for all spindle and drive components.  Customized equipment purchases are subject to mutual sign-off by both parties before go-ahead.
  • Pricing Policy: We generally base our prices on those valid or published by the manufacturers in the Country of Origin.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements are executed in all instances where such protection is advisable or is required by either the customer or by our manufacturers.
  • Integration: we will assure integration of spindle and drive components to assure compatibility and to facilitate machine integration.
  • For customer support of integration of spindle and drive components a specialist will be available.  For on-site assistance costs for travel/lodging etc.  are usually charged to the customer.
  • Warranty and Repairs: HPT offers warranty and repair services. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing the Terms and Conditions of Warranty of the component manufacturers apply.
  • After-Sales Product Support: HPT offers long term product support agreements covering “just-in-time inventory”, “scheduled orders”, turn-around repair or exchange programs, training and spares support.
  • Customer-dedicated Inventories: We will schedule ongoing delivery of our products according to a customer’s requirements to reduce inventory investment costs.
  • Product Consignment for On Site Fit/Function Review- Whenever feasible HPT will consign spindle in drive systems for on-site evaluation.  Such consignments are based on available inventory and on Consignment-Purchase Agreements.
  • References: Please do not hesitate to ask us for references regarding our services or our standing in the business community.

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Please contact us at one of our offices to obtain catalogues, brochures and specifications. You can also browse our catalog for more information on our products.


Kristof Vilgertshofer, Marketing
Tel. +001 (949) 719-1145
Email:  sales@hptprecision.com


Victoria Moskowitz, Customer Support
Tel. Toll Free +001 (800) 899-7555 or +001 (516) 944-8446
Email:  support@hptprecision.com