SFU 0052

BMR Frequency Converters – SFU 0052

Three-phase AC motors provide numerous benefits in industry, such as brushless operation, freedom from wear and tear, favourable capacity/weight ratio, high-speed capability, and much more. These motors can be used many different application areas, such as milling and grinding spindles, or with drilling machinery, for example

BLDC motors have the advantage of a high power efficiency (approx. 85%) when compared with AC motors, but the disadvantage of not quite reaching the torque of an AC motor at low speeds (when starting), nor reaching the high speeds of an AC motor. However, the higher efficiency also means cooling requirements are lower and dimensions can be smaller.

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Product Description

# Item Item # Internal / External Power Power Supply Power Output Voltage View PDF
1 bmr1 SFU 0052 External Logic: 24 V / 0.25A DC Spindle Supply: 24 V …50 V / 6.3A DC 250 VA 6A – Electronically Limited Depending on Spindle Data V Click Here

Special spindles are available any time on request.


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