BMR Frequency Converters – SFU 0156 Type 1

Operation of AC spindles, the frequency converter SFU 0156-1 allows speed frequencies up to 60,000Upm with 2-pole spindles. The core of SFU-0156-1 is a digital signal processor (DSP) which produces all output parameters and collects signals. High-precision sinusoidal output signals with a low distortion factor and low deformation allow for optimal rotation qualities in AC motors of all operating conditions.

All parameters like power, voltage and frequency are collected in real time and are regulated by the implemented vector control depending on the load. High operating safety: All operating conditions like acceleration, operation with nominal rotation speed, braking are controlled and critical conditions are intercepted. Short circuit protected and protection against excess temperature.

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Product Description

# Item Item # Power Supply Power Spindle Output Power Output Voltage View PDF
1 b31 SFU 0156-1 Logic: 24V/0 25A DC Spindle Supply: 48V/6A DC 250 VA 150W 3° 38 V Click Here
2 b32 SFU 0156-2 Logic: 24V/0 25A DC Spindle Supply: 80V/6A DC 400 VA 300W 3° 60 V Click Here

Special spindles are available any time on request.


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