BMR Frequency Converters – SFU 0300 SSE

Three-phase a.c. motors provide numerous benefits in industry, such as brushless operation, freedom from wear and tear, favourable capacity/weight ratio, high-speed capability, and much more. These motors can be used many different application areas, such as milling and grinding spindles, or with drilling machinery

The frequency converter SFU0300 -series has been specially designed for use in these high frequency applications, offering excellent safety, performance and reliability, the result of years of experience in the design and construction of frequency converters, together with the use of the latest materials and the most reliable components. It can be used in many different applications and is as equally suitable for use as a replacement device in existing systems with older type series as it is in pre-planned applications as a cost-effective solution, helping to prolong the useful life of tools. In addition, both a.c. and d.c. motors can be operated by this high frequency converter.

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Product Description

# Item Item # Model Supply Connection Power Spindle Output Power Output Voltage View PDF
1 b65 SFU 0300 SSE 230V 50Hz 1PH 1.5kVA 1kW 3° 230 V Click Here
2 b66 SFU 0300 Desktop 230V 50Hz 1PH 1.5kVA 1kW 3° 230 V Click Here


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