Cooling Unit KG-T 500

Cooling Unit KG-T 500

The cooling unit KG-T 500 is controlled by an internal microprocessor. It has been designed to run high speed spindles like in cool ambience conditions. You are able to use it nearly for all types of spindles and cooling blocks. The maximum range of spindle power is 2000W.

The KG-T 500 has an integrated and intelligent cooling fluid control. It depends on the temperature of the cooling fluid. According to requirements the fan power will be set to get more or less cooling power. This system runs always in an automatic mode and the users do not need any setting before starting or during operating.

On the front panel you have a LCD-Display, which shows all modes of run and errors.

If some errors occur, a relais will be set by the controller unit. This error relais has the opportunity to use it as an open contact or as a closer contact.

Cooling Unit KG-T 500 backThe tank of the cooling fluid has a volumetric capacity about 1,5 liters (0.4 Gallons). Use distillated water with additives as cooling fluid. The current fluid level is shown at the front panel, look at marks for maximum and minimum range.

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