DressView® 0200

Both desktop devices (0303 and 0200) are a compact unit consisting of converters and DressView® and correspond the performance our SFU0303 and SFU0200. For this reason, both devices have the usual inputs and outputs and screw connections. In addition, there are still the inputs and outputs of DressView® system.

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Product Description

Item ImageItem #Frequency ConverterSpindleDiameterPowerView PDF
DressView Operating TerminalDressView® Operating TerminalClick Here
DressView® 0200DressView® 0200Click Here
DressView® 0303DressView® 0303Click Here
f11-285x157ARS100SFU0102304-33 40-ASM33 mm / q40 mm100 VA
f2-285x157ARS100-AESFU0102305-33 40-ASM33 mm / q40 mm100 VA
f150-285x157ARS150SFU0102202-33-ASM33 mm150 VA
f4-285x157ARS400SFU0202223-42-AHM42 mm300 VA
f51-285x157ARS1000-AESFU0303303-72-ASMD72 mm450 VA


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