DressView Operating Terminal

DressView® Operating Terminal

The operating terminal can be mounted either via a VESA mount on your machine, or an arm or as a handy desktop unit on a horizontal surface.

Belonging to the operating terminal is the DressView® SSE cabinet unit. This provides the voltage supply and all inputs and outputs. In addition, it provides a USB interface to the required BMR converters.

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Product Description

This dressing systems works without sensors and has the advantage that it does not require any sensors in the spindle and therefore cheaper spindles can be used for dressing.

DressView® is offered together with a drive in a desktop case as an integrated solution or as stand-alone solution as a separate system, which lends itself particularly for use in the control cabinet. (Here the frequency converter and a docking station for the DressView® is then installed.)

The signal derived from the operation of the spindle is graphically displayed on an LC-display. For signal output to the PLC in each case a limit value for signal detection and, in addition, a higher can be set to a potential crash detection.

When the limit is exceeded, the measurement signal is dyed red and a corresponding output connected.

The DressView® system is via laterally arranged foil keys with switching point very easy to operate and adjustable. Various settings can be made for the dressing process, such as the afterglow of last measurement processes as silhouettes, the time base of the representation or the scaling of the display.

For communication with the PLC 3 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and one analog output are available. Via them the system can be started and the current status are displayed. The analog output comes directly from the measurement signal of the dressing.

Tests had shown that the sensibility and sensitivity with the established sensor-based process is on an equal footing. In experiments dressing accuracies down to 0.5 micron were realized.

Item ImageItem #Frequency ConverterSpindleDiameterPowerView PDF
DressView Operating TerminalDressView® Operating TerminalClick Here
DressView® 0200DressView® 0200Click Here
DressView® 0303DressView® 0303Click Here
f11-285x157ARS100SFU0102304-33 40-ASM33 mm / q40 mm100 VA
f2-285x157ARS100-AESFU0102305-33 40-ASM33 mm / q40 mm100 VA
f150-285x157ARS150SFU0102202-33-ASM33 mm150 VA
f4-285x157ARS400SFU0202223-42-AHM42 mm300 VA
f51-285x157ARS1000-AESFU0303303-72-ASMD72 mm450 VA


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