Illumination Rings

Illumination Rings

Illumination RingsDon’t you know the problem, that in spite of your lighting systems, exactly at the point where you need to see something, a shadow appears or there is too less light?

With the new spindle illumination rings, this problem belongs to the past! Whether in plastic or aluminum housing.

Ø inside Ø outside height LEDs
ring “33” 33.1mm 51mm 15mm 12 LED’s
ring “42” 42.1mm 61mm 15mm 15 LED’s
ring “45” 45.1mm 63mm 15mm 15 LED’s
ring “62” 62.1mm 80mm 15mm 18 LED‘s

Optional Accessories:
· Power Supply
· Illuminated on/off switch
· Touch dimmer module

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Illumination RingsIllumination Rings
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