IMT Eco 100 VM10

IMT Eco System Solution

Years of experience have shown that the overall performance and reliability of a spindle system is directly linked to the supporting components used to control the system. Don’t ty up your resources to find the perfect equipment solutions. We’ve done that for you and offer the best possible system available. Use our know-how for finely tuned components that offer a maximum of performance and system reliabilty.

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Product Description

# Item Item # Power Speed Cooling Tool Clamping View PDF
1 M6 Eco 33 up to 160 W up to 60.000 rpm Air manual + automatic Click Here
2 M6 Eco 33 A10 .40 kW up to 60.000 rpm Air Automatic Collet Direct Clamping Click Here
3 M6 Eco 62 up to 1.2 kW up to 60.000 rpm Water manual + automatic Click Here
4 M6 Eco 80 up to 3 kW up to 45.000 rpm Fan + water manual + automatic Click Here
5 M6 Eco 80 VM44 3.0 kW up to 40.000 rpm Liquid Click Here
6 100 Eco 100 up to 6 kW up to 40.000 rpm Water manual + automatic Click Here
7 100 Eco 100 VM10 16.0 kW up to 30.000 rpm Liquid Click Here


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