IMT Mold 11

IMT Mold System Solution

State-of-the-art modular system for flexible configuration of your spindles. The latest state-of-the-art technology and premium components ensure maximum precision and performance.

Applications: HSC machines, milling machines, portal milling machines, milling centers, grinding machines, tool grinding machines.

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Product Description

# Item Item # Power Speed Cooling Tool Clamping View PDF
1 Mold 1 Mold 1 up to 320 W up to 100.000 rpm Air manual Click Here
2 M6 Mold 2 up to 1.4 kW up to 60.000 rpm Water manual Click Here
3 M3 Mold 3 up to 3.0 kW up to 50.000 rpm Water manual + automatic Click Here
4 M5 Mold 5 up to 4.5 kW up to 40.000 rpm Water manual + automatic Click Here
5 M11 Mold 11 up to 11.0 kW up to 30.000 rpm Water manual + automatic Click Here


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