IMT Robot 80 VA AP1

IMT Robot System Solution

Innovative solutions for robot systems. Our unique interfaces gives your robots a degree of freedom for a significant productivity upgrade.

Applications: Milling robots, polishing robots and automobile applications.

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Product Description

# Item Item # Power Speed Cooling Tool Clamping View PDF
1 Robot 80 VM Robot 80 VM AP1 up to 1.9 kW up to 30.000 rpm Air manual + automatic Click Here
2 Robot 80 VA Robot 80 VA AP1 up to 2.5 kW up to 40.000 rpm Water manual + automatic Click Here
3 Robot 100 Robot 100 VA up to 5.0 kW up to 32.000 rpm Water automatic Click Here
4 Robot 100 Duo Robot 100 Duo up to 6.5 kW up to 40.000 rpm Water manual Click Here


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