Sealing Air Tracking Control SNS2

Sealing Air Tracking Control SNS2

The device allows it, the blocking air of a spindle, also in emergency stop state a manufacturing center to continue to run for an adjustable time. It is held for this purpose by an onboard battery running.

All internal functions such as battery and Druckberwachung and timing are controlled by a microprocessor.

The SNS 2 can be easily integrated into existing systems because it works with 24V DC and has an integrated pressure reducer.

Error (downstream pressure or defective battery) will be displayed via LEDs and dasFehlerrelais picks, so it is error evaluable for your machine.

Supply: 24V DC / 7W via 2 pole special connector
Compressed air: 3-8 Barvia 6mm push-in fitting
Delay time: 2-20 min (2-minute steps)

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