SLF Current Insulating Rolling Bearings

Current-insulating SLF rolling bearings prevent damage by current passage. Electric voltage which is internally generated between the motor and the stator, especially in electric motors, may diminish over the rolling element due to design. The voltage can be induced along the shaft due to the asymmetrical distribution of the magnetic flux in the motor. On the other hand voltages between shaft and housing can be built up particularly for inverter operation.The resulting current flow over the rolling elements can cause damage to the running surfaces in the form of craters, slugs and ripples which could lead to early failure of the bearing. Electrical insulation between housing and shaft prevents this damage. A solution is a factory-made coating of the inner or outer ring with an insulating layer. An alternative solution is the use of rolling ele- ments made of ceramic, which is usually more cost-effective for smaller rolling bearings.

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