Alfred Jaeger Engraving Spindles

The basis of the engraving spindle is a motor with a constant power of 170 watt and a maximum speed of 60,000 rpm. Easy-to-operate mechanics enable the depth of the engraving to be determined. Unevenness in the engraving material can be levelled out by means of a height adjuster which can be preset using spring force. The “lock ability” of the height adjustment also enables “milling work”!

Tool change is via a comfortable knob clamping which is located on the rear of the spindle. The clamping diameter of the engraving spindle is 35mm, and therefore compiles with the diameter of the most common “belt-driven spindles”.

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Product Description

# Item # Current Voltage Current Frequency Rotation Speed (rpm) Housing Dia. Clamping Range Coupler Plug Depthnose View PDF
1 G33-M060.01 K02 S16 21 V 7 A 1 000 Hz 60 000 29/33 mm up to 3.0 mm 7 pole metal with cable 0.2 m 5 mm with quick locking mechanism Click Here

Special spindles are available any time on request.


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